Show me the data! (from The NY Times)

Ruh-roh! Here’s something from The New York Times: Education Secretary Says Aid Hinges on New Data.

Arne Duncan told the nation’s governors on Wednesday that in exchange for billions of dollars in federal education aid provided under the economic stimulus law, he wants new information about the performance of their public schools, much of which could be embarrassing.
In a “Dear Governor” letter to the 50 states, Mr. Duncan said $44 billion in stimulus money was being made available to states immediately. To qualify for a second phase of financing later this year, however, governors will need to provide reams of detailed educational information.

Oh, HECK YES! This is great! Perhaps we can bring Florida’s dismal performance to light and maybe someone can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Here’s what Duncan wants to see, according to the article:

  • Student math and reading scores on local tests, as well as on the National Assessment of Education Progress, a federal test that is more difficult. (Oh, dear, that poor, poor FCAT…)
  • The numbers of schools declared failing under federal law that have demonstrated student achievement gains within the last three years. (I can think of at least three failing schools in my county that likely meet the qualification of “failing.”)
  • The numbers of students, by high school, who graduate and go on to complete at least a year’s worth of college credit. (Isn’t Florida like, nearly dead last in the nation in regard to high school graduation rates?)

Those requirements aren’t too much to ask for… that’s only fair for nearly $50 billion (and more), right?


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