#6: Spring Break (YEEAAAAH!)

My apologies for falling behind in this blog! You wouldn’t believe the stuff that’s happened…

Ah, yes: Spring Break is a treasured week many college students look forward to during the spring semester. This grace period of usually doing nothing is welcomed by thousands of students in the United States. The break gives them the opportunity to travel (usually to visit their families), detox from schoolwork and catch up with friends.

I refuse to believe that the only images of Spring Break that many have when they think of college students involve Cancun, lots of alcohol, beaches, hangovers galore, and Cancun. With the present economy, I don’t think many students could afford to take trips abroad during their breaks. And I don’t think students – the majority of them, anyway – even want to go to some random Mexican beach.

A comic I read had one installment that mentioned, in passing, the difference between “playing” (for kids) and “hanging out” (big kids). We hang out. And we relish in hanging out, whether it’s with impromptu late nights with Rock Band, drinking games or just catching a movie. College students definitely value time with their friends, because they’re the ones that keep them same in the midst of term papers and schoolwork (everyone knows parents, sometimes, don’t cut it – they mean well, but sometimes they simply add more stress without intending to do so).

What can you do during Spring Break? Here’s how I spent mine:

– Sleep
– Television (I don’t have a DVR, but my God, how I missed Boomerang)
– Family time
– Sleep
– Bingo night with friends
– Movies
– Sleep

Looking at this list, I realize that most of these things are some form of escapism.

Thank God – the best part of Spring Break is realizing summer is right around the corner. And it is.


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